Summary: Graphics in portraits and portraits sketching, murals painter, costume designer, make up and character designer, stage, set decorator and interior designer, graphics designer, books illustrator, cards designer, autism and related disorder advisor & art therapist


Capilano University, N. Vancouver, B.C.

Credits: High school level English, Psychology (introduction, Childhood development, Cognitive Psychology, Abnormal Psychology), Creative Writing, Philosophy (4 courses), Applied Behavioral Analysis (2 classes), English (100 and 200), Business Writing.

Language studies in Germany and Canada

(Universitat zu Koln, Cologne, Germany) (U.B.C., Vancouver, Canada)

Fachhochoschule, Cologne, Germany

Courses in Restoration of Historical Monuments – Architecture study postgraduated 2 years

Cracow Fine Art Academy, Cracow, Poland

Postgraduated study in Scene Design and Costume”s History and Design for Film, Theatre and T.V., 2 years

Polytechnical University of Cracow, Poland

M.A. in Architecture, summa cum laude


Art Director, Costume, Stage, Object Projects –

Design for Theatre, Film and TV.

Drafting –

Projects of elements for the stage and the stage costumes


art directed production

Choosing objects

For Art Production for films, shows, theater and cabaret


Set lightening for on stage performances


on set studioTV
assisting camera operator on set

Set decoration supervising


drafting and reading

Control on

all visual components for the screen and scenes production

Artistic influence on

supervising videos and films edition

Working in architect team in architectural offices in Poland and Germany

By hand and measurement Documentation of Historical Landmark in Cologne, Germany.

Portrait sketches free lance artist in Greece (TheSaloniki, Halkidiki, Athens), France ( Bordeaux), Italy ( Rome, Venice) Germany ( Cologne, Bonn, Munchen), Canada (Vancouver) and Poland (Cracow)

Work experience in Canada

Position: on set dec; paint, draft. dep.dep. at A.C.F.C. and I.A.T.S.E. in VANCOUVER, B.C. in followed film productions:


Position: Art Department Trainee in

FILM CO. LTD; Producer: James Shavick; Director: Paul Ziller VANCOUVER, B.C. at A.C.F.C.

Work experience in Poland

Art director for feature movies, documentaries, historical serials, cabaret and TV school, kids and musical shows

Stage, interior, costume and make up designer for Theatre, Film and TV.

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Education and experience related to ASD.

In Power Dialogues I developed the technique and attitude to be an amazing listener and counselor by acquiring basic proficiency in The Option Process® Dialogue, a process that has helped thousands to overcome self-limiting beliefs that fuel discomfort and unhappiness.
Whether it is a helping professional who wants to assist clients facing life challenges or decisions, a business manager who wants to help employees work with greater clarity and purpose, or just someone who wants to be the best friend ever…

Maximum Impact Workshop-Advanced Training- completed in 2003
Maximum Impact Workshop was a five day workshop for those who have completed the Son-Rise program. This program provides parents with more tools, more solutions and more inspiration to further develop their child’s program. It is designed to help the individual hone their skills with knowledge and mastery, rejuvenate their attitude with excitement and infuse their child’s program with unstoppable motivation for excellence. Autism Center of America
Intensive programs (2002, 2005 and 2008)

The Son-Rise Program- Intensive– A five day intensive workshop to individually design a program for a child with special needs and to train parents to develop and supervise an intensive home based program that will address the need of their child. The parent will receive extensive training in the Son- Rise approach which will enable them to develop a program suited to their child.. Daily training took place to help the parent develop and expand their abilities to relate to and motivate their child toward increased socialization, communication language and interactive attention span. Autism Center of America
The trainings helped me to develop and expand my abilities to relate to and motivate my daughter toward increased socialization, communication, language and interactive skills. During the Son-Rise Program Intensive, I received approximately 2 times per 35 hours of training while my daughter received more than 2 times per 37 hours of intensive one on-one stimulation and assessments by highly trained Son-Rise Program Facilitators. I participated in meeting with Son Rise Program’s Educators for in-depth discussions setting up and evaluations of my daughter’s goals

March 2002
Early Autism Intervention Workshop at SFU – A workshop focusing on the fundamentals of behavioral treatment of young children with autism, derived from the principles of Lovaas Autism Treatment. The workshop included theoretical background as well as many aspects of the practical implementation of the behavioral treatment method.
The Centre for Early Education.
Autism Behavioral Therapist Training Workshop at UBC-A workshop on the behavioral treatment of autism spectrum disorders based on techniques of Lovaas-style Applied Behavioral Analysis. It included general information on autism and behavioral theory, but focused mainly on the practical aspects of delivering effective behavioral autism treatment. Topics covered: discrete trial techniques, basic principles of behavioral modification therapy, data collection, commonly used behavioral analysis terminology, and a one day training workshop on the implementation of behavioral autism treatment.
Claire Egan, B.A., Behavioral Therapist and Sharon Baxter, B.A., Behavioral Therapist.

Autism Behavioral Individualized Initial 3 Day Workshop for home based ABA program Lovaas -style
The Centre for Early Education – 1998
Autism Spectrum Consultants – 2000
Wisconsin Early Autism Project (WEAP) – 2001
Ask us how…” in 3 easy steps (what can you learn from autistic people) 3 day workshop
ANCA Consulting Inc.
F.E.A.T Monthly Meetings – 1998 to 2002


Let Me Hear Your Voice – Catherine Maurice
Making a Difference- Catherine Maurice, Gina Green, Richard M. Fox
Behavioral Intervention for Young Children with Autism – Catherine Maurice
Through the Eyes of Aliens – Jasmine Lee O’Neill
Nobody Nowhere – Donna Williams
Thinking in Pictures-Temple Grandin
Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Karyn Seroussi
Activity Schedules for Children with Autism – Lynn E. McClannahan, Ph.D. & Patricia J. Krantz, Ph.D.
A Work in Progress – Ron Leaf & John McEachin
Teaching Developmentally Disabled Children ( The ME Book ) – O. Ivar Lovaas
Teaching Language to Children with Autism or other Developmental Disabilities – Mark L. Sundberg, Ph.D. & James W. Partington, Ph.D.
More Than Words – Fern Sussman
Son Rise The Miracle Continues – Barry Neil Kaufman
A Miracle to Believe In – Barry Neil Kaufman
The Child with special needs – Stanley I. Greenspan, M.D. Serena Wieder,
The Explosive Child-Ross W.Green
Power Dialogues-Barry Kaufman
The Out-Of-Sync-Child-Kranowitz
Familiar with all books written by Barry Neil Kaufman.

Special Children / Special Solutions – Samahria Lyte Kaufman
No Risk/ No Fault Parenting- Barry Neil Kaufman
The Empowered Leader- Barry Neil Kaufman
The Option Process Dialogue- Barry Neil Kaufman-
The Gift of Questions- Barry Neil Kaufman
The Role of Therapeutic Relationship- Barry Neil Kaufman
Autism Can be Cured- Barry Neil Kaufman
Familiar with all tapes by Autism Centre of America

Autism Academy, Behavioral Programming for Children with Autism – EDEN II

Discrete Trial Teaching – New York Families for Autistic Children Inc.
A Miracle of Love – NBC
I Want My Little Boy Back – BBC
Familiar with all cds by Autism Centre of America
Personal experience with my daughter diagnosed with PDD
Familiar with all methods programs and treatments for autism spectrum disorders


Physically active, able to swim, jump, run, climb and skate
Able to play piano and sing all preschool songs
Willing to attend any necessary workshop to update skills
Easily moving on feedback
Non smoking/not addiction
Tolerant towards a child who may show aggressive behaviors


Long distance healing or hands on